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Interloq provides innovative market research solutions to help brands, marketers and business leaders collect and harness the power of data to drive fast insights and decisions about their business.


Nimble and efficient, we do things quickly without the drag of sizeable unneeded bureaucracy.  Our primary consultants have been conducting market research for over two decades while always remaining on the pulse of modern technology to inform our research methods.


Interloq is proud to be a woman-owned business based in Dallas, Texas

Custom Research

Research data is an invaluable resource that brings ideas to life, validates hypotheses, and solves problems.  Interloq's combination of curiosity, knowledge, and talent provide our clients with fact-based results that are not only actionable but clearly and concisely communicated.   Our experience has covered multiple industries leveraging a wide range of methods.  Our creative but pragmatic approaches target a straightforward goal.  Getting our clients the answers they need quickly and efficiently.


Market research and insights departments within organizations have never been pushed harder to provide relevant information to stakeholders faster.  Interloq offers automated research products and consultation designed by highly skilled and experienced market researchers.  These methods allow for flexibility while compressing both timelines and budgets.  Clients can use an existing research design or apply automation principals to ongoing projects to gain the immediate benefits. 



Leveraging the platform, from Significance Systems, we deliver insight into the stories which drive behavior.  At scale, in all major languages and markets.  Much more than social listening, we comb the entire Internet searching the world’s narratives and then providing non-biased data-driven communications insight which saves our clients time, effort and budget.   Through this we can give a factual, accurate, objective read on the market, to better understand, predict and then help you influence its behavior.


Activate your market research projects leveraging knowledge management tools designed specifically for market research and survey data.  Easy to use data repositories provide instant and broader access across the entire organization.  Leverage cross-project analysis to compare not only tracking data but unique ad-hoc projects.  Distribute results via dashboards or Powerpoint.   Link your customer data assets with survey results to develop a robust, granular understanding of your customer’s behaviors and interactions.

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