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  • Ongoing A&U tracker gathering insight into trends and usage of women's nail & polish usage.  Online surveys collected along with mobile in-store surveys where respondents capture photos of shelf sets to garner in-the-moment insights.


  • The effectiveness of a soda company's online advertising was validated by dynamically identifying and then surveying consumers, without pop-ups, who were exposed to the campaign.


  • A regional bank captures continuous feedback from all customer touch-points to track it's customer's experience.  Monthly results are provided via dashboard to stakeholders to allow for a constant pulse on the business.


  • Before launching into a new product category, a CPG company conducts a study among target consumers to evaluate interest in the new offering.  Among the respondents who completed the survey, 25% of the consumers provide feedback during the survey, via a video open-end.  A video reel was created and implemented in the final report.


  • Quick launch pop-up online community, conducted for clothing manufacture, where big & tall males provided insight into their purchase journey for pants.  Respondents offered mobile phone captured images of their shopping experience and closets at home.


  • In-person focus groups conducted with prospective parents and students, for a private university, to capture iterative feedback on the development of a college universities updated logo.


  • A national retailer, conducted post-visit store intercepts to capture insights from non-purchasing shoppers to understand the drivers around their decision not to buy.


  • To learn more about the new care shopping journey, an auto manufacturer conducted an ongoing mobile diary among targeted millennials and their new car shopping experience.  Respondents logged each time they researched or participated in a shopping experience.

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